We, at Law Visage offer professional law services to our clients in the field of Consumer Law, Intellectual Property Laws and International Business Laws. Started legal practices in 2009, we gained association in 2010-11 and are now a Pvt. Ltd. law firm, hiring a team of dedicated young advocates as Members and senior advocates as Associates. Besides, catering to the fundamental legal requirements of the clients in the areas of consumer, IPR (Intellectual Property Right) etc., we also offer services related to the legal software and development of legal software. Our services in the development of legal software are built on an open-source platform and targets high-end end-users from all walks of life.

Coming to our core service areas, we have sound expertise in Consumer Protection, Intellectual Property Right and International Business Law. We believe that with the expanding and demanding business environment along with the increasing population, having protection against illegal events that happen on account of either copyright, patents or as a matter of fact frauds made in international sale transactions is important. It has become the need of the hour for every business to run their assignments or tasks within legal boundaries so that trading daily operations becomes a smooth affair for them, without engaging themselves in fraud or any kind of fallacies.

This is when the assistance of our legal experts come into being where they understand the client's case in depth and come out with a sound solution to solve the matter with their ingrained knowledge and expertise. Apart from all this, we believe that team strength plays an important role in establishing the base of any organization and thus, our well coordinated team of professional lawyers is all set to work and resolve legal matters by building strong bonds with the customers for their better future.  

Why Us?

Our basic and the only aim is to offer best legal services in the aforesaid domains in order to cater to the customer's requirements in the most innovative, creative and professional way possible. Not only can customers feel rest assured of the fact that their matters will be solved with utmost diligence, but also have their requirements fulfilled within given time frame and within their budgets.

Moreover, we boast off our policy to keep all the confidentials of the customers covert, which we don't share with any third party or parties until and unless required. Therefore, customers can feel absolutely safe and rely on our legal framework in every regard.


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